SESSIONS Studios is located at 2532 Wharton Glen Ave Unit 3 in Mississauga. 5 minutes from Kipling Station.

SESSIONS Studios opened its doors in 2010 and houses approximately  25,000 sqft of shooting space.
With 5 drive in bays and large New York style warehouse windows, we offer a wide range of options where lighting and space is concerned.

Our studios also offer a range of different coloured flooring from concrete to wood coloured and white-washed laminates.

PLEASE  BE ADVISED : For security reasons the premises are under 24 hour video surveillance.

We also house a 5,000 sq ft – 18,000 sq ft art gallery for those ambitious enough to throw their own exhibits at our facilities. Our latest exhibit saw over 600 people attend in one evening. You can see a video of that event and the gallery rooms here.

We currently only offer Studio 3 for rental as the others are occupied on a full-time basis by other photographers.

We don’t have a sign out front to let you know you are at the right place. However, what we DO have is a sign on the window that reads “STRONG”, pictured below. Please share this page with everyone involved with your production so they know they’re at the right place.