Rental Gear

SESSIONS Studio Rental Gear

Light Heads_____$10.00 each.   When renting light heads, reflectors, grids, soft boxes and umbrellas are included.

Speedotron Heads 2400

Alien Bees 1600 heads

Alien Bees White Lightning 3200

Alien Bees Ring Flash to 800ws

Profoto heads

Wireless Triggers _____$10.00/ea.


Power Packs

Speedotron 2400 Power Pack


Speedotron 7inch and 22in reflectors

Profoto 7 inch and 16 inch reflectors

Alien Bees 7 inch and 22 inch reflectors

Soft Boxes $5.00 each

Speedotron 8 foot Octo-Soft Box / Umbrella

Alien Bees 5 foot Octo-boxes

36 by 24 adapted soft boxes

Beauty Dish_____$25.00

Speedotron 22 inch Beauty Dish

Ring Flash_____$25.00

Profoto Ring Flash to 2400 ws

Alien Bees Ring Flash to 800 ws

Battery Pack

Profoto Battery Pack



Alien Bees



17 inch Canon Printer